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For lubricating diesel fuel systems in passenger cars and trucks.

  • Prevents desposits in combustion chamber and injectiion system.
  • The function enhancer increases the lubricating effect of low sulphur fuel, thus preventing surface friction and a resulting failure of a injection system.
  • Compatible with all modern diesel oxidation catalytic converters.


  • We recommend the use after every 2000 KMS and preventatively after every repair to the injection system and to the engine.
  • Free from sulphur, phosphourus ,metals and acids.

These instructions are only recommendations, we advice preliminary testing before use.


Application areaFor all diesel engines with common rail and pump nozzle technology.


  • Add content of the can to the tank
  • There should be atleast 10 Ltrs of fuel in the tank
  • 250ml is sufficient for 40 to 50 ltrs of Diesel


250 ml



Shelf life from production

24 Month


0.84 g/cm³

Density conditions

at 23°C


Diesel additive treatment ADD-DISL-250ML

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