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Fragrance with the depth and intensity of the Mediterranean Sea, it is sophisticated and intensely masculine, an ode to freshness as sea meets rock. It combines mineral notes with the intensity of frankincense and the seductiveness of patchouli. Elegant and impassioned, blend awakens the senses as it reflects desire. Creating simplicity from complexity. Finding harmony in the contrast of hot and cold, freshness and opacity, the blackest stone and the crystalline gem of the sea. Symbol of identity. Its Insignia, by Involve.

  • Gel with DrivFRESH® - oil gel technology, that keeps your car fragrant for long
  • Premium gel designer car fragrance with citric freshness
  • Gel car Perfume Powered for SUV's and Sedans
  • All Weather Performance Aroma
  • Fragrance Control Slider in Cap of Air Freshener container
  • Luxury elegant design - beautifully designed to sit inside cup holder
  • Fresh fine designer fragrances for car
  • 24 x 7 performance Scent for car
  • Made in India car air freshener gel perfume
  • Best tin can gel air freshener for car

Involve® Gel Can - Insignia : Car Air Freshener

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