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About this Product

  • Compatible Vehicles: RE- 350cc - UCE Twin Spark Plug (Thunderbird, Classic, Bullet); 500cc (BS-4) - (Thunderbird, Classic, Bullet), Continental GT (535cc)/ Maruti: Maruti 800, Maruti 1000, Zen 1.0, Gypsy 1.3, Omni 0.8 (All carburetor models), Omni 0.8 MPFI/ General Motors: Astra 1.6i, Corsa 1.6i/ Toyota: Quails
  • Usage: 1. First, install spark plug by hand until gasket reached the cylinder head. 2. In case difficult to install spark plug by hand then use support tool such as rubber pipe to help installation of plugs. 3. Do not use plug wrench to insert spark plugs from beginning to avoid thread damage . 4. Use torque wrench to tighten spark plug with specific tightening torque (25~30Nm) to avoid metal shell breakage, if torque wrench is not available then tightening by angle (180-240).
  • Safety & Care Instructions: 1. Spark Gap should not disturbed. 2. Proper torque should be applied. 3. Should use for the applications it is recommended for.
  • Material: Metal; Color: White; Package Includes: 1 Spark Plug
  • Disclaimer for usage: Please consult a qualified vehicle mechanic regarding compatibility, usage and installation of this plug in your vehicle.


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