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Front Sprocket- 14 Teeth, Rear Sprocket- 46 Teeth, 120  Link Chain, Chain type: X ring (6 Holes)


  • High Performance X-Ring Chain with imported synthetic lubricant
  • Excellent Strength due to specially heat treated plates
  • High impact Strength due to High Grade Alloy Steel pins
  • Quadra riveted pins


  • Rubberized Front Sprocket acts as noise & vibration damper
  • It enables smoother engagement of chain and sprocket provides outstanding durability
  • Lubricate the Chain using ROLON Chain Lube for every 500km in Seal ring chains and every 1000km for Standard Chains.
  • Clean the Chain using ROLON Chain Clean Spray. Every 2500 -3000 km's once chain should be cleaned and then re lubricated.
  • Use nylon brush or soft cloth before lubricating the Chain.
  • Avoid usage of Steel wire brushes to Clean Chain.
  • Don't use petrol,thinner and hot water for cleaning,and high pressure water jet direct contact to seal ring chain should be avoided.
  • Make sure your chain should be in adequate chain slackness - 1 inch min.
  • Dampers should be changed while chain sprocket replacement for better life of Chain Kit.
  • Wear Helmet for Safety - Follow Traffic Rules.

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