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Royal Enfield Himalayan Chain & Sprocket Kit
Part Number : OR251
Rolon Quality Features
Rolon Chains are designed and manufacture to highest standards employing leading edge technology, material selection, tooling, heat treatment and manufacturing methods.
Heat treatment: The long life of the chain depends to a large extent on bushes and pins, which provide the load bearing area. In Rolon Chains, pins and bushes are provided with optimum surface hardness for long durability.
Shot peened parts: All plates and rollers are shot peened to improve fatigue life. Shot peening induces compressive forces in these parts and therefore offers high resistance against fatigue and impact loading.

Preloading of the chain: Rolon chains are preloaded in special fixtures. This enhances resistance against initial elongation and fatigue. All chains are subject to precise length control.



Greater fatigue and ultimate tensile strength: the wider waist of Rolon link plates combined with optimum press fitted bushes and pins assures greater fatigue strength, Ball drifting of plate holes ensures perfect cylindrical holes and work hardening, which helps optimum press fits and greater bearing area.
Longer wear life: Wear life also depends upon the perfect roundness of the cylindrical parts like pins and bushes. Rolon bushings are curl formed from in-house manufactured specially processed steel to achieve complete round shape with uniform wall thickness. Pins are produced in special purpose machines and processed suitably to achieve greater roundness.


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