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Rolon ( Brass coated ) Chain Sprocket kit for Yamaha R15 v1

Part number: NXRC234

Kit included with

Brass Chain

Front sprocket

Rear Sprocket 

Brass Coated chain advantages

Prevent rusting

Extended operational life

X-Ring Chain

High-Quality Synthetic Rubber

Less friction



Clean the chain with Kerosin or Liqui Moly chain cleaner

Lube the chain with Liqui Moly fully synthetic chain lube or gear oil 90

Clean and Lube the chain every 450-600 Km depend upon weather and riding condition 


LRL Motors warranty is limited on Rolon Chain Sprocket as we are only the resellers of the brand, However, we offer the standard service warranty, in case if there is any damage in a good while in transit/Shipping. You can claim the 100% refund + Return. 

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